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A Letter to Myself About Lockdown

Dear Maya,

Do you remember many years ago when your whole family was in lockdown because of COVID-19? It seems like a long time ago and also seems like yesterday. 

Some memories will forever be etched in your memory like sitting and watching the prime minister tell everyone to stay at home and standing at your doorstep with your family, along with your whole street, every Thursday night to clap for all of the key workers. 

Other memories may have faded like the massive meltdowns your kids had over you being their new teacher and not understanding what their maths homework is asking. You might remember being thankful for Google, being able to send questions to their teachers and text other parents with funny memes who are struggling too. 

Perhaps you’ll remember standing in long queues to get into the grocery store and the tape on the floor so you stand two meters apart. Maybe you’ll recall what it was like to quickly cross the street as you saw another person coming your direction and telling your kids to stay close to you and not get near other people. 

What I hope you remember are the sweet moments your kids had together. Sure there were plenty of moments when you had to become a referee, but there were other moments when you could hear their giggles or caught them snuggling up and reading together. There were the loud walkie talkie chats, the sleepovers in each other’s rooms, the massive tent built with separate rooms for each to sleep in and the movie nights with popcorn and blankets. 

It was a time of a lot of anxiety, but it also became a time of precious memories mixed in with the stress of working from home with three kids doing home learning. The time somehow flew by even on those days you wanted it all to end immediately. You made it, you became an even stronger team with your husband and your relationship with your kids grew in beautiful ways. 

Maybe you remember all the stress of it, but I hope, truly hope, you can remember the beauty in it too. 

With love, 

Your Future Self


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