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Family Pep Talk

I read this to our family this morning as we all needed it!


We get it, none of us want to be doing this right now. You want to be going to school and we want you there too!

You miss your friends, you miss your amazing teachers. We miss our friends and working normal hours instead of squeezing them in between home learning, meals, snacks and all the things. We all miss what life was like just a month ago. We all are feeling it in different ways. 

Mum and Dad didn’t become teachers for a reason because our skills fit better in different careers. Your teachers are experts while we are just beginners at this. We have to google how to do maths problems. Why have they changed how we learned how to do maths? 

But know this, we are trying our best and we’re going to fail too. We’ll get some things right and it will be fun and other times we all will be confused. We are in it together and this is still all new to us. 

We have to be there for each other in this. We are not your enemies when we tell you what your teachers have given you as work. We are here to help. 

We’re here to hold you when you have tears of confusion and we’re here to celebrate when you get through your work. 

We are a team. We’re a team with frustrations, a team who is mourning how things used to be and a team that needs to come together to get through this. 

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