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From Burned Out to Making More Money & Working Less

 (above: Having a blast with my photography clients after a creative photo shoot!)


More time with family, flexible hours, and control of my income levels - these are the reasons I started my photography business and left my corporate job behind. 

At first my photography business gave me these things but within a few years the business had taken over my life, and my family's. It instead was leaving me feeling burned out with every evening booked for photo sessions and my weekends taken up too. Weather cancellations in the fall made me want to pull my hair out as I had no room in my schedule to fit in rescheduling shoots. I was always so behind on editing photos and getting them to clients. 

One night, I sat on the couch with my husband, leaving my computer on with yet another set of photos to edit, and I told him I was done. I couldn't go at this pace anymore. I was drained and there weren't enough hours to fit in all the work that needed to be done. 

But instead of giving it all up, I went back to the original reason I started the business, for the flexibility, the hours and the possible income. After some research and thinking through a plan, I was able to switch my business around in just a few short months to be what I had envisioned. 

I went from burned out to energized, getting more opportunity to be creative and more time to build relationships with my clients. I had more time with my family and time to rest too. 

And...I was making more money! I went from taking in $150-$300 per session and rarely getting orders after a session, to taking in those same session fees but making an average of $2,000 per session on print orders afterwards. 

I want this change for any photographer who is wanting their business dreams to come true, but can't see beyond the crazy photo shoot schedule and editing of photos. 

How did I do it? I starting meeting with my clients in person, before and after their sessions. I came up with a system that enabled me to build relationships with my photography clients but also helped them see the importance of having actual printed photographs.

Maybe you are thinking, I don't have the space to meet clients, and I get that. When I started this system, I didn't either but I was creative and there are several options to make this happen that I will share with you.

Would you like to begin 2020 with a plan to make more money and work less? To have free space to do creative photo shoots? It's not all about you's about providing your clients with a service that goes beyond their expectations and they leave with memories that will be passed on through the generations. 

Next week I'll start sharing my system for photographers on how to work less, make more money and make more impact. Want to know more? Sign up for the newsletter here to be the first to learn the system to go from burned out to your business dreams. 

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