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How to Treasure Your Family Time During Christmas

Does the approaching Christmas season make you take some deep breaths just thinking about the busy schedule? 

I'm not sure how the Christmas season becomes this hectic rush of events, to-do lists and lack of time to spend with the people we care about most. We recognised this when our oldest son was one and wanted to change this busy Christmas script for our family. 

We sat down together and did some research of Bible verses to study during the season. We then came up with activities we wanted to do together, simple ones, to make us stop and appreciate the time together. The activities have evolved over the years, but we have so many that are the same every single year. 

Every Christmas since 2008 we have done our family Advent calendar with Bible verses to read each day and an activity to do as a family. It has helped us create a new rhythm during December, one of a time reflecting on God's Word and having really wonderful family time. 

The kids are once again in anticipation of December 1st for us to begin the Family Bible Verse and Activity Advent Calendar. We each have our favourite activities and we love how we start the morning with reading the Bible as we anticipation celebrating Jesus' birth. 

Here are just a few of our favourite family activities. 

Family Advent Activity: Go to a bookstore, get a warm drink and browse the books. 

Family Advent Activity: Make Christmas cookies

Family Advent Activity: Have a sleepover by the Christmas tree

Family Advent Activity: Snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie

These are just a handful of the activities we've treasured through the years.

How can you be intentional about planning for this season ahead of time? How can it be less overwhelming and instead a time you feel the warmth of family and the gratitude of the ultimate gift of Jesus?

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