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January What I'm Reading

Reading is a thing for me. I can't remember a time it wasn't a thing as I've always loved sitting with a book, gaining new knowledge or being taken off into a world of new characters.

Some months I read a ton of books and other months, like this current month, it's only a few because of schedules and not being the best at carving out time for myself. 

In January I wanted to start the habit of going back and forth between a fiction book and non-fiction book. Here's my quick thoughts on the books I read last month. 

1. Girl, Stop Apologizing - Rachel Hollis (3 stars)

If you haven't read Girl, Wash Your Face, I suggest you read it first and then dive into this one. This was another great read, especially if you are diving into reaching for some goals. I didn't love it as much as the first book but it is still a book I plan to keep on my shelf to pull out and to help encourage others. 

2. We Should All be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (5 stars)

This is a short, quick read, but so worth it. I read it for a book club and it made for a really great conversation around the word feminist and what we think when we hear this phrase. 

3. Smart Women Finish Rich - David Bach (4 stars)

I heard David on several podcasts so decided to pick up one of his books. He has some really useful tools in how to plan for your future, what you can do now and how to make sure you are thinking about your values in it all. I am working through the worksheets and plan to read some of his other books too. 

4. One Day in December - Jose Silver (4 stars)

This book was a fun read and I'd recommend it as a great "beach" book too. It had some fun twists and surprises and made you wanting the best for the characters you meet at the beginning. 

5. She Said - Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey (4 stars)

This is a recount of the breaking of the Harvey Weinstein story. It takes you through all the two New York Times reporters went through in order to make sure this story was brought to light in the correct way. I found it fascinating, but also extremely upsetting to see all this man was doing. 

6. The Confession - Jessie Burton (3 stars)

I grabbed this book after seeing it in lots of bookstore displays. It was an interesting story line but for some reason I had a hard time identifying with a couple of the characters. 

7. The Explosive Child - Ross W. Greene (5 stars)

We have one child who has difficulty controlling anger. I picked up this book after researching tools to help children understand anger and how to communicate it. This book was so helpful and we're continuing to come back to it and use it. 

8. The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah (5 stars)

This is my favorite book of 2020 so far. It's not a light read, as the World War II setting makes it difficult of course. However, it's worth it to think of all the women who sacrificed so much to help in the war and this story will pull you into the characters. 

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