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Long Game Dreams

Some dreams come to you and then they seem to slip away. I’m not talking about the dreams we have while sleeping, but the dreams we have for our lives. The ideas that make our heart go a bit faster and we want to jump right into them. 


They seem like a dream we have while we sleep, because it’s slightly fuzzy around the edges, there isn’t a clear direction and we still have to go on with what we are currently doing.


Often we feel this rising in our hearts for something and then a month later, it’s no longer at the forefront of our minds. Our day-to-day activities get us caught up in other things and the dream seems to slip away. Other times it’s clear that that dream is not for right now, it needs to take a rest.


I like to call this a long-game dream. One that needs some more time to develop, it’s not going away, but it’s most likely not going to happen in a year, or a few years, but a longer way out.


We experienced this over 14 years ago when we visited London on a vacation. We fell in love with the city and on the flight home made the decision that we’d move to London and start setting things into motion once we were back in the states. Little did we know that I was pregnant as we had those conversations.


So plans changed. Sure, we could have moved to London while expecting a child, but we just didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do for our soon-to-be family. We took that dream and we laid it to rest, thinking most likely it would not come up again. To mark the memory of the dream, Pat painted this London painting (seen above) to remember our trip and the dream we had once had.


But dreams have a way of coming back when we least expect it, even when we don’t actively seek them out again. Through a crazy chain of events we found ourselves boarding a flight with not one child, but three, to move our family to London in 2016.


It took over ten years for the dream to come back! Do you have a dream that seems there’s no way it can happen? Maybe it’s not for right now but that doesn’t mean you have to let it go. Write it down, keep coming back to it, if praying is your thing, pray for guidance in how to move forward with it. It could be a long-game dream!


And if you do start to step into that dream, realise it’s not going to be a “dream life” everyday.


Moving to one of the world’s most expensive cities has been really hard. Leaving all our family and close friends was so difficult and still is whenever we go back to visit or they come to visit. Life in London can become mundane just like any other place. You get into routines with school, work, and grocery shopping. You don’t go out into the city everyday to explore, because sometimes you just want to be on your comfy couch wrapped in a blanket reading. 


However, we still have those moments of such thankfulness to be living in this place we so dreamed of 14 years ago. Sometimes it’s walking and realising we’re near some major historical location or when we’re in our neighbourhood and paying attention to the diversity of the area we live in. It makes us stop to remember that initial dream and remember we are in the midst of it.


We finally hung up the London painting in our home here this past month. We hadn’t been able to get it re-stretched and after a friend helped, it is now the centrepiece in our living room. It is such a reminder to us of that long ago dream and the fruition of it, in all its imperfectness.


You can be living in the dream and it can still be hard. That doesn’t mean to give up but to take into account life is still hard, even in the middle of the dream, but it is so worth it to keep going because you get those beautiful glimpses of pure thankfulness.


Long-game dreams can seem not as fun because they don’t have that quick reward we so crave. Long-game dreams are so worth it. They are worth the wait. 

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