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  • A Letter to Myself About Lockdown

    What I hope you remember are the sweet moments your kids had together. Sure there were plenty of moments when you had to become a referee, but there were other moments when you could hear their giggles or caught them snuggling up and reading together. 
  • Family Pep Talk

    In the midst of lockdown, our family needed a pep talk this morning.
  • Reading as a family

    How do we get our kids to actually grab the books and read them? There’s nothing over-complicated about encouraging reading with our kids. It’s simple things like having books around, letting them see us read, and trying to find the type of books they enjoy. 
  • How We Explore as a Family

    We have found that making it about exploring together as a family has made it fun for us all. It’s not perfect, we’ve gone to some events or places that haven’t been the greatest fit for our family, but more often we’ve found it to be fun and we’ve learned a ton. 
  • January What I'm Reading

    What I read during January
  • I need to stop over-complicating parenting

    I am realising I have over-complicated so much of parenting. I mean, it’s not like it isn’t already complicated enough as each child has their own unique personality and everything is always constantly changing. But I try to complicate it more by getting stuck in my own head of what I think we should be doing to raise the best kids into adults.
  • Long Game Dreams

    Some dreams come to you and then they seem to slip away. I’m not talking about the dreams we have while sleeping, but the dreams we have for our lives. The ideas that make our heart go a bit faster and we want to jump right into them. We recently hung up a painting that marked a dream we have over 14 years ago and it is such a reminder of not thinking a dream is dead. 
  • How to Treasure Your Family Time During Christmas

    Does the approaching Christmas season make you take some deep breaths just thinking about the busy schedule? 

    We're sharing our our Family Bible Verse and Activity Advent Calendar has helped us treasure this season more.

  • From Burned Out to Making More Money & Working Less

    More time with family, flexible hours, and control of my income levels - these are the reasons I started my photography business and left my corporate job behind.

    At first my photography business gave me these things but within a few years the business had taken over my life, and my family's. 

    I needed a major change and found one that worked!

  • Why I Read

    Reading is my jam, mixed in with a big mug of tea. Sharing some thoughts on why I love to read and my August reads.
  • What It’s Really Like Moving a Family to Another Country

    Our family moved "across the pond" from the United States to the United Kingdom just over three years ago. It might not seem like it would be that different, but there have been lots of adjustments.
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