We believe everyone has something unique to offer the world. We hope our artwork is a reminder of this as it hangs in your home or is given as a gift. 

The images you choose to display in your home speak to you everyday as you pass by them. We think hanging beautiful artwork and messages on your walls can inspire you to live each day looking for joy and stepping into little moments of bravery. 


Laurent Collective’s journey started after having our first child and realizing we wanted to reorient our lives in bold and brave ways. Laurent Collective has always been a family affair as we create together. While Maya and Patrick direct the business, our family is truly a collective, inspiring us daily. 

You'll find us in our home with music playing in the background, art supplies out and some kind of creations taking shape. Some of us will be reading, some of us will be drawing and some will be cutting up cardboard to make into swords. We love exploring creativity and seeing others create too.



Patrick has been drawing and creating since the days of drawing sports characters and selling them to his friends when he was in elementary school. He still loves to start everything with a pencil sketch and adding textures and finishing touches digitally. 

Much like Patrick, Maya has been reading and writing since she was young. She believes in the power of encouraging words and how they can impact others. 

Patrick’s illustration and design work has been featured in the Bear Grylls Soul Fuel for Young Explorers book, She Reads Truth Bible, Bible Society UK, HP Sprocket, 40 Acts, and Barnabas Clothing Co. You can buy some of Laurent Collective’s greeting cards in Trader Joe’s in the United States. 



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